Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

Quick and Dirty. Both nights, plus the forum. Fiona McGregor in a cardboard coffin, covered in blue tissue paper parcels that one took whilst paying respects and which revealed packets of seeds when opened (I got broad beans). Pluto Savage covered in diamantes, sticking needles into his arm and ranting about queers who self-destruct and become all the bad that is expected of them by the 'straight' world. Ana Wojack climbling a scaffold in three sewn together wedding dresses, a mass of white fabric train falling behind her then blood dripping down, down, down, ending up as animal, beating bells and gowling at the audience. Wife's knitted outift slowly unravelling to show sutured skin, stitches pulled out slowly, soundtrack of Nina Simone. Biffo's blow-up tent, sneaking peeks inside at a true carnival of curiousities. Plus much, much more, and flirting and laughter and wet patches and shmoozing and conversation and creative ventures planned and plotted and the joy of being HOME.

Mad F$%#rs' Tea Party: Dykes on Bikes tattoo and bike show, then MFTP. There were cupcakes with pretty icing and cachous, and a very well-trained barboy/butler. I was caned before I had even got changed into my outfit. Then a lightning bolt was cut into my thigh, deep, whilst a Mermaid in a red hanky dress held my hand. I was drinking lovely Japanese beer. Before my leg had even stopped bleeding I was escorted to the shagpile, placed on a number of cushions, and spanked so hard my skin almost broke and I tried to hide under a beanbag whilst people laughed at me and the wicked boy delivering this ouchiness shoved an icecube it my bits to cool me down (wasn't entirely his idea but he carried it out rather too well!). My newbie friends had lovely sessions of piercings and electro play and knife play and ropes and whacky things. Then I was up against the St Andrew's Cross, having a rather lovely shoulder and back massage conducted via some rather heavy leather floggers (and one stingy bitch). I got to watch a lot of very sexy people be very sexy with each other, with yellow hankies and red hankies and orange hankies being fully appreciated. A person I thought may never start speaking to me again did start speaking to, and I felt relieved and grateful and very aware of just how much I had missed him. To top off the evening, I cuddled up into one of my favourite boys and grabbed his leg HARD for support as another lovely lady added a complimentary piece to my first cutting, going over and over some sections, and there was much slapping of my wounds, leaving a very lovely handprint on top of the first one, and a very messy floaty puddle of Zoo... Of course, after all of this I was massively damp-knickered and so took home some fun thing I played with last week to revisit vodka-fuelled wrestling and inserting of part A into part B (via parts C and D and maybe with parts E and F in the mix somewhere). Can barely walk today, for thigh and arse and pink bits all tender, but it is a magical pain that transforms and invigorates with every wince.

Oh, and there is a picture of me looking like a muppet in the latest SSO (at the QueerScreen opening night). Hilarious!

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