Monday, March 31, 2008

MuMeson Make Me Happy Too

Mumeson have some fun stuff coming up in April. For extensive and detailed information please visit Mu-Meson Archives web site. But let me hint that there are nights on DIY punk movement, how to make a horror film, paranoid politics, Miss Death's knitting group and a sex in space double. It all ROCKS.



Blogger madam phantasm said...

I am planning to be at this one (at the Annandale)...

Monday 14th April
Tentacles (1977)
Where do washed up actors go in the wake of Jaws? Well, if you're Henry Fonda, Shelly Winters, Claude Akins, & Bo Svenson you get a part in an Italian rip-off of Jaws with an Octopus. Several people disappear near the ocean and their recovered bodies are found gnawed to the skeleton. Annandale Hotel 7.30pm donation.

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