Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Wringing Wet

Well, what a weekend that was then! The type of weekend that ends with a delicious plaything leaving your house on a Tuesday morning, your sheets soaked and certain parts of your anatomy still clenched, muscles aching in odd places and and the dog wondering what on earth all THAT was about...

Weekend in a nutshell: Dumplings in Chinatown and then Wet Spots at the Studio on Friday night. Gad about Paddy's Markets and Oxford St for outfit bits and new boots on Saturday, home for quick costume change and then walked with Sydney Leather Pride for the parade. Gay Bash was dismal, but Home Sideshow was full of lovely pervy people (but bollocks music- what WAS that about boys?) and so I danced and schmoozed and rolled about on top of a coffee table with RoboBear and drank lots of vodka and ate middle-of-the-night-pizza and then finally went home with a mate of mine from out of town for drunken fumblings and a recovery day of rudeness. Then Gurlesque, which was AMAZING as ever (thankyou ever so much to all the performers and cage dancers etc, with special mention to Mighty Hermaphrodite for hacking hir hair off to a Medusa tale and then making a cake with breastmilk, shit and bloody hymen!), and through some mutual seduction ended up with a long-time perve from afar in my bed, which lasted on and off until this morning (bloody work- how inconvenient)... Hmm, playmates have gone back to their respective cities, and now it is time for me to get back to my art and my work and tidying my room and getting some proper sleep and lots of vegies. Feeling remarkably chipper and lively, but figure that won't last if I don't rest up a bit!

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