Monday, April 21, 2008

I Love EveryBodies

Struck me again today just how much I love to play with other people’s bits, and vice versa (context dependent of course), and how lucky I am to experience such a range of encounters with such a variety of bodies. I like the way bits react differently from person to person, to go seeking and finding new squishinesses and tender points, new wobbles, new tensions, new noises, new rhythms, new boundaries and thresholds, new tickles and teases, new puddles and scars, new time delays, new temperatures, new scents and new stains.

Some hills and dales I know in passing, just enough to locate a bruise or a whimper, and other territory I explore over and over again, discovering new nooks and crannies as I familiarise myself with what turn takes me where, the shortcuts and the scenic routes. And the fun parks, of course.

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