Friday, April 18, 2008

Spur My Jesus

No, not a ‘World Youth Day’ initiative (seriously, with THAT history of dodgy kiddy fiddling in the Catholic Church- I mean, HOW MANY bishops etc was that in the States?- how they have the audacity to advertise an explicitly youth-oriented event is beyond me. Say what? Yeah, I’d let my kid be signing up for that, sure… good heavens!). Anyway, this post is not about that, its about the AMAZING Spurs For Jesus gig at The Annandale this coming Anzac Day. Two-up, beer, Spurs, beer, Spurs, dancing, stumbling, snogging the Westie, beer, Spurs… its gonna be grand. Think it’ll start around midday, and go until we all pour ourselves into cabs and beds. Or to Women In Uniform at the Sly Fox.

Next day (Saturday) is the Jets game at Henson, so will need our beauty sleep to cope with the almost-obligatory KBs.



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