Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Take It From The Bottom

As previously noted, Zoo has of late become much more a toppy creature than ever before. Heck, I used to 'top from the bottom' (still do) but as one ex-lover put it I had more of a tendency towards being a 'do-me queen'. Recently I REALLY want to be doing the doing though. Heck, I even gave a FLOGGING in the last twenty-four hours. A somewhat messy and silly flogging, true, but with a suitably yummy reaction all the same. I want to do this more. Ever since I moved my red hanky to the left I have been wanting to put my things in other people's things a lot more, and now I find myself longing to poke holes in them too, and wanting to tie them down and make their pink bits pinker and leave their nerve-endings askew. Fortunately I already have some willing crash test dummies on which to hone my fledgling skills, but if you have a particular talent or penchant and don't mind a newbie top having a go at your hide (or that of your slave, sub, toy etc) then please do mention it to me!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know the one whose pokey virginity you took? And later laced the needles up with pink ribbon? Well she's always up for more pokies ;-)

12:52 pm  

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