Monday, April 07, 2008

Week, End

Fri: Neotokyo was great- gothed up in wedding dress, gas mask, blue flower headdress, danced my arse off, and was home by 2:30 or so. Yay.
Saturday: Went on a crazy journey from Vanishing Point 1st birthday party, to drinking jugs at the courtym, to Stink Pit at Phoenix with My Latest Trashy Mate and a few random heads I recognised. It was FABULOUS, all of it.
Sunday: Jets lost 23-22 due to a sneaky field goal from Auckland in the last 15 minutes or so. Poo.
Then Gurlesque, which was full of gorgeous women and trannies doing gorgeous things without many clothes on and I schmoozed and got cropped and wrestled and cuddled and... was a sweet night, even if it did all get a little surreal at the end!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me, trashy ? Hmm, you must be talking about some other person we were hanging out with ... :-) b

7:13 pm  

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