Monday, April 21, 2008

Zoo On Retreat- June 2008

With all this travelling about and locking myself in a gallery and all one would not expect me to be quite so excited about the following, but I am:

Seems that the kindly folk whom I dog-sitted and house-minded for in the Highlands last year require my services again. That would be the lovely home with the gas heating and cute puppies and goldfish at the base of a mountain full of bushwalks and about 20 minutes walk from a small town full of devonshire teas and parks. Lush! Cable and internet and snuggly nights in my flanny jimjams with a cuppa and a good book, days spent writing and relaxing and taking the dogs out to play and feeding the birds. Good op-shops in Moss Vale too, and plenty of opportunity for dress-ups...

Will be there approximately 19th to 29th June. Can have visitors, so if you want to come and hang out for a few days, watch movies and go for walks and drink champagne amongst the bubbles please let me know! Bliss!

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