Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Room Of Hir Own

Seems that I be getting lots of what I ask for here, even if it comes some time after I mention it. Recently filled wishes have included instant gratification booty, a bevy of subbies/bottoms (really! people want me to do bad bossy things to them!) and someone who fits most (if not all?) of my stated criteria for Really Good Relationship Material. So, a new wish:

By the end of the year, I want to have a proper place to work on my projects. Study/studio space. Quick, consistent internet. Working printer. Big bookshelves. Desk to myself. Worktable. Stereo. Enough floorspace to rehearse shows or do small photo shoots or stretch out like a cat when taking a break. Cushions/big comfy chair/blankie to cuddle up and read in. Peace and quiet. Lots of stationery. A safe place to create, invent, explore. Freedom from constant interruptions, strange housemate energy, noisy officemates, dirty coffee cups and other distractions.

Have a good feeling about this one, that perhaps finally I am in a situation where such a thing is feasible. Fingers crossed- got a PhD to write and art to make and its getting tricky...



Blogger Urban (r)Evolutionary said...

'they' say that if you put something out there, it most likely gets to you.

i've got a little 'wish book' running with my girl for that express purpose.

hope you do find a place. having a stable and secure and comfortable home base makes a world of difference.

12:04 pm  

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