Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Product Of My Environment

in a conversation with a mate just now i realised yet again just how good it is for me to be away from a lot of the bad freaks i have been associated with over the years. as i wrote:

'i have learned that i am a product of my environment and the more moody substance-abusing crackpots with no ambition, life, passion, derring-do or vigour i surround myself with the more of a tragic depressed sadarse i become'

and its true somewhat. i am MUCH better for having a stable household environment, without having to stay locked up in my room 'cos of stompy grouchy morning people, or deal with their comedowns, or have all my food eaten, or monitor and inhibit my own joy lest they find my happiness too confronting... chilled, cooking all the time, spontaneous dinners for friends, getting more work done, able to come and go as i please. and so much more creative and happy for it!



Blogger Bex said...

Thats why I live by myself hehe

10:25 pm  

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