Sunday, August 24, 2008

Potted History

My high School Reunion is coming up soon. It is a Catholic girls' school. In the far and dodgy Western 'burbs of Sydney. I will not be there, but they emailed me today wanting an update on what I had been doing for the last 18 years or so. This is what I sent them:

Potted History of Insert Original Name Here*/Zoo.

Insert Original Name Here*left dear old St Blah**'s in 1990 or so, to pursue her long-held dream of deconstructing and interrogating almost everything she had ever learned in oppressive religious institutions. The next dozen years or so brought a long and fabulous engagement to a very sweet man, an exciting career trading rare and collectible records in Sydney and afar, a brief and unmemorable stint of corporate whoredom and a love affair with black liquid eyeliner and un-natural hair colourings. As Saturn returned Insert Original Name Here* found herself transformed into a Godless, feminist, leftie, wanton spinster and queer, pansexual, gender-irreverent academic. Somewhere along the way, Zoo emerged from hir armpit and took over some of Insert Original Name Here*'s responsibilities in regards to activism, performance art, body modification and general rabble rousing.

Insert Original Name Here*/Zoo is living in Perth with hir Significant Monster, writing up hir University of Sydney PhD on the cultural meanings of breast milk, engaging in freelance journalism, the occasional art installation and as much travelling as sie can hustle up time and funds for. Once hir doctorate is in completed sie intends to do more of the same. With abandon.

* Yes, I know a lot of you know it!
** Close enough

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