Thursday, August 21, 2008

Academic Arty Type

Perth is turning out to be rather a good thing for me academically and artistically.

Yesterday afternoon I had coffee with the most amazing glass artist, B (whose work I have posted here earlier), and discussed all manner of things from our reluctance to breed to the work of Kiki Smith to holding a group show. She makes me very excited, and then she drove me to ECU and showed me the glass kiln etc and I met her studio mate, who just happens to be an ENORMOUS CUDDLY WELL-DRESSED BEAR WHO WORKS ON TRANS ART. Whimper. He is lovely too, and ever-so-devilish, and I think we must arrange to meet up for a beverage and a chat sometime soon. Then library time, the most exciting part being picking up a copy of James Elkin's 'What Painting Is'. This book was recommended to me by dear Mayhem, and... well... I'll just have to start posted snippets here so you can understand why I am SO IN LOVE WITH IT! Alchemy, art, body fluids... its just perfect!

Then I went to what can only be described as a 'feminist women's reading group.' Actually, it was two events in one. The first was a bunch of postgrads from various arty disciplines who needed to catch up on feminist body business, with the woman who teaches a sort of feminist narratives of the body course. So, I was thrust back into liberal, radical, socialist feminisms all over again, and discussing Descartes and... somehow I REALLY enjoyed it! Then the group shifted, more folk came in, the wine and cheese came out and it was time for the reading. As luck would have it, this week's was by the women who taught the course, and she read a paper about her mastectomy. Tits, embodiment, gender, discussed by performers, B, and other interesting types who generally get or at least are intrigued by this stuff. Wow. Big, big wow. I just felt like I had been punched in the chest after the paper, could barely articulate the impact in any way other than clutching at my breasts...

So, I will be back next week for all of that again. And then we go to theatre afterwards! Oh, I am quickly finding a most beautiful and generous and quirky community here!

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