Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wherever I Lay My Hat

When am I coming 'home' then? People keep asking and...

I have started thinking of WA as home somehow. As in, 'where do you live?'. 'Basso'. Umm.. what does this all mean then? I have no history here, haven't got one single family member or ex in town, or even an ex-shag. Haven't known any of my new mates longer than six months. Have only done one performance. Never got a degree here. Still get confused when I see the sun set on the 'wrong' side. Barely know any bears. Have never got tangled up in any drunken orgies or snogs. Never got a piercing or a tattoo. Everything I am and have comes from somewhere else, yet this feels like home.

This did freak the Monster out a wee bit but maybe, as cheesy as it sounds, home IS where the heart is?

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