Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trans Melbourne Gender Project

Here's a reminder about the Trans Melbourne Gender Project support meeting next Monday, August 11th.

This month's theme is medical and non-medical transition. Here are some of the things we might talk about:

How many ways are there to transition gender? Is 'transition' to a different gender an idea that applies to everyone who identifies as trans? If you don't want to take hormones or have surgery, does that mean you're not trans? What if you want to change pronouns but don't want to change your body? What if you want to change your body but don't want to change pronouns, or want to be in between genders? What other ways of changing our bodies re there, aside from medical ones? Is being trans always about becoming a man or a woman? How do people who aren't easily recognisable as either gender get around the rules that tell us we need to be either?

Date: Monday August 11th. Venue: Group Study Room, Frank Crean Wing in the City Library, 253 Flinders Lane, between Swanston & Elizabeth St.Time: 6pm

Who's welcome: anyone and everyone

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