Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hair Tales

Debuting next Thursday, 20th at 9:30pm (check the guide) on the ABC (Aus) be the documentary Hair Tales, featuring two mates of mine:

'28-year-old Esther Berry is a Canadian/Australian academic who explains the horrific nature of hair and its ‘zombie-like’ status, both alive & dead. Esther
discusses hair as the constant wardrobe that makes us ever locatable and reflects on personal experiences of dealing with her matte-haired hippy Mother’s hair loss through cancer.


'Margaret is a captivating eccentric, who has been keeping her cut hair for the past 10 years. Hair for Margaret is a creative medium, she has made a corset out of the hair of close friends and her own dreadlocks, and a hair death mask in memory of her deceased brother.'

and some other folk. It should be very entertaining, and probably quite funny too. Huzzah for arty-farty-academic friends!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually i've kept my hair clippings for 18 years.... and they censored the bits about the vulvas...... (though they do make a showing....)
xxx Captivating Eccentric

10:28 pm  

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