Thursday, November 06, 2008

Madame Has A Point...

From her LJ, and with the flu I can't think of anything to add! Other than that Madame, you are perfectly correct!

'I don't get Americans... They will vote for medical marijuana, assisted suicide, stem cell research, video lotteries, against defining human life as starting from conception, limits on abortion (parental notification, only in cases of impending death of mother, incest or rape) and lifting a State income tax.

But god forbid a gay couple wants to get married or adopt children. Florida, Arkansas, Arizona and California - you are weird*. California I am particularly disappointed with you. I have issues with gay marriage as the holy grail of queer rights, but I doubt that is why 60% voted to ban gay marriage or adoption.

Not sure what I think about the various propositions on the end affirmative action. Hmmm.

* My new approach to things I don't understand is to label them as weird. I have no energy for any greater intellectual engagement with them.'



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