Monday, October 27, 2008

Pride Parade, And Party

Oh, so much has been going on of late I have barely had the time or brainspace to get any proper blogging in...

This weekend was Perth Pride. As most of you will know, the delectable little cub Aram Hosie is the current Pride Patron, and so a pile of his mates volunteered to help build him a float for the parade. To cut a long story short, this involved a bit of planning, a bit of shopping, and a LOT of balloon blowing and tying and banner hanging etc! But it worked, and even though it was small (10 people or so) it got plenty of cheers from the crowds and people actually seemed to respond to the message-- essentially, that trans*/gender variant folk need rights to healthcare, legal recognition and so on. Extra credit points go to Monster for coming up with the 'Lost In Trans*lation' slogan we had on the signs we held-- she's a bloody creative genius, whip- smart and with a wicked sense of humour! And the parade itself was so stupidly warm and fuzzy and 'community', only 30 or so floats and a great vibe to it, like Mardi Gras but all over in half an hour, and the crowd so delightful that I just beamed the whole way... Then quick dismantling of float, back to NeedleNurse's flat to get changed and drink champagne and into the night again, to the official after-party at Connie's. Whilst the music was probably not as bad as it was elsewhere, it was still a bit, umm, lightweight, but had a fabulous time regardless. Soooooooo many people recognised me that I felt like some sort of b-grade Perth-anality already, has only been 4 months-ish since I arrived and it was just crazy! And there was a filthy sexy vibe to the place, and I danced and canoodled ever-so-much with the Monster and flirted plenty (some of it with much intent-- its not a matter of IF but WHEN you know *wink*), and generally just shmoozed and drank vodka and watched drag shows and talked nonsense and giggled and beamed and whirled about! Then we headed home as the sun came up, for Monster showers and cuddling in bed wrapped up in each other, feet sore and bodies aching and with that satisfied exhaustion that comes from such things...PERFECT!

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