Thursday, October 16, 2008

Arts Wanker

Made a wee list of arty/extra-curricular adventures of 2008, so far. Here they are, not quite in order perhaps:

* Modelling at Drawathon in New York
* Hellfire Designer Vagina show (with Necrotitties)
* Teddy Bear fisting/f&^%ing show at Wobblie Pobblie
* Modelling for SLPA life drawing
* Twatflower pix for upcoming Slit
* Cherrie: Mayhem, Webby, Spunk interviews
* Two shows at Sly, 'Drunk' and 'Mutiny'
* Interviwed, with photo shoot, for Time Out magazine
* CURDLE ten day lactation installation piece
* Cupping photo shoot for SLPA art show, and Slit
* Cum Rag photo for Spunk
* Hook pull 'performance' at Playhouse play party
* ZooFi staplegun show at Zoo
* 52 Pickups photo shoot, 'Honey Bunny', and writing lots of blurbs for the cards
* Photo shoot for Kellann Denton's latest series (laundry slut/backyard butch)
* Flouro body paint show at Zoo, Pride Fair Day
* 'Blood Makes Noise' piece, by GenderFuckBel, at Zoo

Still have another couple of small performance pieces lined up for Zoo, and another for Perv film festival. And modelling for at least one painters, probably two, here in Perth, and making a cast of my tit for another. Oh, and in next couple of months should have two or three more pieces in Cherrie.

Now, if only most of this wasn't unpaid! I'd be bloody rich!



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