Thursday, October 09, 2008

Field Trip???

'Cos, like, there's nothing to do it Perth...

Oh, and speaking of stuff to do, check out the Artrage festival! Silent Disco! A giant inflatable igloo! So much art and theatre and dance! And a festival day in Northbridge! I am volunteering for some of it, so let me know when you'll be around!

Now, my latest adventure:

The Western Australian (WA) Medical Museum is a historical museum displaying items of memorabilia from the State's past in the health-care field, including:

* inside an operating room
* dentist's workshop
* a working iron lung
* hands on displays
* doctor sawbones and all the instruments used
* World War medical kits
* turn of the century hospitals
* discovery of X-Rays
* Aboriginal medicine display
* hands on electronic equipment - watch your heart beating
* and much, much more

Wednesday 10am - 4pm
Sunday 2pm - 4pm

Harvey House
King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women
Barker Road
Subiaco Perth WA

Adults $2.00
Children 50c



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