Thursday, October 02, 2008

One Cervantes Evening...

Amongst many, many other blessing that have come my way in WA, Monster and I just booked in for a weekend here, so we can see the Pinnacles.

'The Pinnacles Caravan Park in Cervantes, Western Australia, boasts ideal beachfront holiday accommodation for visitors to the Pinnacles rock formations (only a 15 minute drive away). The township of Cervantes is located on the Coral Coast, some 254 kilometres north of Perth and just two kilometres west of the entrance to Nambung National Park, home to the world-famous rocks of the Pinnacles.'

Oh, it has a cafe AND A SEA SHELL SHOP!

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Anonymous Tam said...

Ohhhh Pinnacles!! one of my favorite truly gorgeous surreal places in Oz... I think i stayed in the same place in Cervantes too... lucky you, have fun!

11:19 pm  

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