Friday, September 26, 2008

Its Fair Day Sunday!!!

And I will be there with my Perf-ect Queer Crew! Picnic, stalls, music, drinkies, flopping about in a big old park celebrating all things queer... Must start working on outfit/s for that and Zoo. Speaking of that club, will be 'performing' on Sunday night, and NeedleNurse will be dj-ing, and StrykerMyer be doing a show too, so if you be in the hood you come on down now, yeah?

And Royal Perth Show starts tomorrow. Paper tole! Fruit and veg displays! Rides! Poultry! Food on sticks (I hope)! Fireworks! Woodchop! Precision driving! Its just like the Easter Show in Syn City I imagine. Though probably smaller. Have already warned the Monster that she will be in for the Nerd's Tour of The Show, and think she is all good with it. This may only last as long as the second display case of cake decorating, but we'll see...

One of the good things about being over here is that the do most things arse-up, Show in Spring not Autumn, ditto Pride festivities, so I get to do it all twice. Yay!

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Anonymous Jay said...

Hey Zoo

I personally recommend doing the animals at the Show .... not doing - you know what i mean!

See you on Sunday, somewhere :-)


4:27 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

i do have a soft spot for the poultry, and the piggies... and of course, the cattle sheds... smell of manure and milking time...

look forward to seeing you! are you coming to zoo after fair day???

11:34 am  

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