Monday, September 22, 2008

Milk Soup

From The Times blog, Minor Matters:

Human milk wanted for chef’s recipes
19 September 2008

Love this… a chef in Switzerland wanted human milk for his speciality recipes.

Mr Locher served breast milk soup, breast milk lamb curry, and antelope steak with chantarelle sauce with breast milk and cognac to his friends. Apparently he used his wife’s milk.

After succesfully feeding his friends human milk, he wanted to introduce the recipes in his restaurants. And since there are many young feeding mothers in his town, he knew there would be an abundance of milk. He was offering the mothers 10 euros a litre for the milk.

But local authorities were not too sure about this ingredient in their food. They were also suprised by a loophole in the regulations which did not cover the issues of using breast milk. The Times of London reported that the lack of guidelines became an argument in itself. It was ruled that the chef could not guarantee the safety of the milk.

Mr Locher faces legal action if he proceeds with his plan of introducing the novel recipes in his Swiss restaurant. ‘I don’t understand all the controversy. The mother’s milk is the most natural thing in the world – how can anyone be against it? It is, after all, the first thing we taste and I see no reason why I should not include it in my menu,” he said.



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