Monday, September 15, 2008

Home, Sweet Home

Things I miss about Sydney (and to a lesser degree, Melbourne), and had almost forgotten:
* Dancing with furry faggots in frocks, trannies, freaks, queerlings, perverts, all dressed UP and vogueing to Mel and Kim or Wham in an underground bar.
* Queer performance. Just being able to head to a bar like Slox or a club like Tranni Panic, or any of the fundraisers/performance nights/sex parties etc that are on EVERY week in the Harbour city and see amazing quirky fucked-up rebellious DiY subversive transgressive political and most of all very very very funny shows.
* Spontaneous acts of perversion. Going clubbing, then heading back to someone's place where suddenly you are covered in wax/flogged/violated with pointy things or otherwise set upon, or somehow end up doing the same to others. Or dancefloor spankings-- when was the last time you saw one of those in Perth? Not at a specifically specified bdsm club or party, just randomly in any place freaks gather.
* Flirting. With and without intent. With everyone, with life, with your own reflection...
* Large false eyelashes on people who are not identifying as drag queens. Pasties on people who do not perform burlesque.
* Leather folk.
* My mates. Mad as they are, its the same kind of mad as me.

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