Wednesday, September 10, 2008

L.E.D There Be Light

Frustrated at the lame arse Garnaut report ! Angry over the capital protectionist drive of carbon trading ! Sick of seeing amazing shows with crappy arse lighting !!! Come and support the Red Rattler get the first L.E.D pro lighting rig in sydney, these amazing lights use 80% less power than a traditional lighting rig, and are just stage 1 in the Red Rattler's low power drive, and aim to be fully sustainable within 5 years. The Red Rat crew are very grateful and inspired by all these artists donating their skills for this event, and we are incredibly exxxcited to announce this amazing lineup...with eco love...

L.E.D their be LIGHT
8pm -Midnight... 9pm show
$15. $10 con

Bunny Hoopstar, Mighty Hermaphrodite, Trannie Cops, Terezina, Trash, The Debby's, Press Eject, The Butcher Femme, Celia Curtis, with DJ Gemma and MC kk no pantz

Come and party. Save the RAT from high power par cans. Save the World !!

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