Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Breasts Blow-Out

My breasts are huge. This is not a brag, its a fact. They have gone up at least a cup size in the last few weeks, and they are getting more sore every day. I bled recently-- they didn't go down. When I went for my walk today, it was a struggle to keep going as every step hurt. Stairs are excruciating. Hugs must be negotiated with caution. I wake up sore in the morning. It is all quite distracting, and unpleasant.

Tomorrow I try to find a sympathetic doctor (trying FPA clinic) and then drag my aching chest into Myers or some such to get myself decked out with some sort of cleavage supporting contraption. Maybe they will go down eventually, but the pain is getting silly. What is causing this? Too much soy milk? My contraceptive implant? Am I about to start spontaneously lactating? No milk that I can find, never had this before and been hormonally contracepted for years, always had plenty of soy... hmm... its an all-over pain too, sore at skin-level then inside if given the slightest pressure...not lumpy that I can feel, just HUGE and OUCHY. This is beginning to freak me out.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you get this sorted out? sounds like you could have mastitis or an infection. got a fever? hopefully you found a good doctor

11:40 am  
Blogger Zoo said...

if it was mastitis or an infection it would be more localised, as a rule, and not an all-over painful BLOAT... went to fpa doctor and we reckon its my new dose of gingko and brahmi somehow reacting with my contraceptive implant and sending my hormones askew... which may also be why i have just been bleeding for last five days??? or maybe implant just wearing out, is over two years old i reckon, and normally i do not get the whole curse when i have it in!

i am totally FECUND. but tits less sore and big now :)


11:44 am  

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