Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Dairy Queen

'I knelt down by the huge brown animal and with my hot cheek pressed into its rounded flanks let my fingers tease out long lines of milk which hit the metal pail beneath with the satisfying ring of bullets. It was hot and dark inside the milking sheds and the strong sweet smell of the heavy beasts, their milky breath and the hay was making me drowsy. I leant my full weight against the firm body of the animal and closed my eyes. Its skin was soft and warm. Outside I could hear the sound of girls laughing and playing and I wanted to join them in the gardens and the sunlight that I knew lay beyond. The fields were like a paradise: all the buds were splitting, the grass was green and the still air spilled with floating seeds and luminous insects. I knew it all lay beyond the door and yet I stayed in the dark of the sheds. With my strong brown fingers, I pulled methodically at the animal's shuddering sack of milk and watched as the bucket slowly began to fill with the warm frothy liquid. Every now and then I'd dip my finger in and suck on the sweet milk like a child.

When the pail was full I stood up and wiped the perspiration from my face. My entire body was hot and I could feel tiny rivulets of sweat trickling down the insides of my thighs. The animals around me moved in anticipation and I could see milk oozing from their swollen teats dripping down onto the floor. I lifted the pail and began to walk unevenly across the bran, but as I moved my foot caught on a stone and the bucket jerked from my hands and landed with a clatter. The milk immediately spilled out, forming a large white lake on the dirty stone floor.

'You're very clumsy,' a voice said from inside the barn.

I looked around me and saw a shadow in the far corner.

'Don't you think you ought to clear it up? Get down on your hands and knees and lick.' I hesitated and the voice repeated itself. 'I said, get down and lick it up.'

Slowly I put the pail down and crouched on the floor. The stones were cool and smelt mildly of ammonia.

'Lick,' the voice again commanded and I stuck out my tongue and began to lick at the pool, all the time aware of the fact that a man stood in the shadows watching me. Then I heard him cross the barn and felt him prod me from behind with his boot.

'You're far too slow,' he said. 'It will never get cleared up at this rate. Take off your skirts and underclothes and clear it up.'

I stood up slowly and began to slip off my clothing until my lower half was naked. When that was done I felt his hands on my shoulders pushing me down so that I had to squat in the white pool. I began wiping at the milk with my skirts.

'Not with your clothing,' the man said, grabbing my skirts from my hands.

I crouched down lower and immediately could feel the cool milk brushing against my sex. I dragged myself over the floor.

'That's better. Much better,' he said. 'Now get down on all floors like that animal. I could hear the man crouch down beside me. 'Let me see you drinking from it,' he said, pushing me towards the beast in its stall.

I put my tongue to the warm sack of milk and began to suckle the animal, making my lips work as fingers, tightening and relaxing them to ease out the milk, and all of the while I could feel the man's hand touching me between my milky wet legs, stroking and caressing me. The milk dripped from my sex and spilled from my mouth.

'You've made a terrible mess of yourself,' he whispered gently as he moved closer and began to lick the milk from my skin.

I could feel his strong tongue like a giant cat's rasping and flicking up inside me. My body shuddered with short even spasms and I felt myself unfolding like a fat pink bud. I wanted him now, and it was as if he read my desire for at that moment he mounted me and pushed with the full weight of his body deep inside.
In the dark I could hear the animals growing restless, stamping the ground, waiting. The beast I was drinking from shifted uneasily. My mouth filled again with its warm sweet milk, and as I drank my body heaved with the thrust of the man and the animal's moaning and slowly filled to the brim with thick rich milkiness.' (Fermentation, Angelica Jacob: 11—14)

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Blogger Tam said...

I read this last night, and didn't know how to respond... I just re-read it today, and I'm still left with nothing to say but... Oh my :)

thanks so much for sharing it *GRIN*


4:35 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

knew SOMEONE out there would appreciate it ;)


4:36 pm  
Blogger Tam said...

Oh... I appreciate it... very much :)

Can't wait to see you next week xo

4:40 pm  
Anonymous Necrotitties said...

I knew there was a reason I'm not vegan!

Sending you an elbow-length calf birthing glove, love!

12:44 pm  

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