Monday, September 22, 2008

Willy, Willy Big

For all you admirers of phallic enormity:

The Big Penis Book

"The Big Penis Book is a big book (an LP-sized hardcover, 384 pages) celebrating supersized stiffies and the photographers who immortalized them. It's the follow-up to Taschen's 2006 hit The Big Book of Breasts, also edited by Dian Hanson, and boasts more than 400 photos of some startlingly major tent poles, including rare pics of "the 13-and-only" John Holmes. Hanson, once dubbed "the most cerebral pornographer in America" by New York magazine,offers us not just the pictures, but also a fascinating history of penile aesthetics and erotic male nude photography."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How funny I have purchased this book already. Who could resist, like looking at a car wreck really. Great stories though. Bec

3:19 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

good heavens! i should've known one of my crew would already have purchased this... yes, great STORIES i am sure!


6:39 pm  

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