Monday, September 15, 2008

Nutshell Sydney

Random Sydney highlights:

* Walking into Slox and seeing at least half a dozen ex-playthings in one room. Having one of them make an absolutely filthy proposition involving red hanky action and Turkish Delight. Remembering that in some parts of the world I still have 'it'.
* Hanging out with my folks. They are loud, mad, eccentric, over the top, energetic, creative and funny. I am very much a product of my upbringing (in lots of good ways as well as the odd dodgy conservative moment).
* Meeting with my associate supervisor who really understands my strengths and knows the right questions to ask. It was VERY inspiring!
* One of those magic Uni moments, walking across campus in the sunshine and sandstone, hardly anyone around, armfuls of books and papers and the bells chiming.
* Mocha at the Lindt cafe in Martin Place with Madame Phantasm. Lush.
* Yummy coffee and random fruit loaf at Varga Bar with the Canetoad and Necrotitties, discussing French feminism and naughty things.
* Being the more than willing conduit for Darkling and the Lioness' competitive streak. Armed with a tape measure and a set of needles each, going as fast as they could down my back. Yummy, and SILLY.
* Catching up with Schwee, and Biggles, and some of my crew I know from years ago when I was a budding polysexual princess.
* Helping Mayhem pack her belongings into a POD, perving on her bumcrack and getting a stuffed duck with an appliqued twat for my bother. And a lot of laughs!


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