Thursday, October 02, 2008


Have been a busy little monster and not updating this with much of note, so here is a bullet-pointed selection of GREAT things to happen to me lately:

* Went to Albany last week. The Gap, Misery Beach, Dog Rock, easting noodles and drinking beer and watching cable with the Monster in the hotel room, dinner at semi-swanky restaurant with Monster's workbuddies, catching the bus there and back and seeing some countryside and doing some reading and stopping at roadside diners for coffee and toasties, collecting seashells and walking the boardwalk and eating mini-pancakes from the mall. Bliss!

* Artrage festival is coming up soon, so I have volunteered my services as box office bitch, usher, artist wrangler etc. Should be fun, muchly. And all cultural and shit too.

* Pride Parade coming up at end of October. And my first Pride Afterparty with Monster! Perth ain't gonna know what's hit it!

* Royal Perth Show tomorrow. MUCH excited.

* Looks like I will have the cover article of next month's Cherrie.

* Fair Day on Sunday was MAGIC, and sunny, and we sat and ate cheese and drank beer on a blankie, and I was all dressed up and wandering with Monster so met sooooo many new people and then handed out flyers for Zoo, so met heaps more folk... Then home, shower, into leather skirt and harness and off to Zoo. Danced, drank champagne, shmoozed, and then got naked and had Jason paint me in fluro paint under a blacklight. And StrykerMeyer did an AMAZING show to Red Right Hand-- have never seen him perform before and I was STUNNED. Then danced more, perved at Monster in facial hair and pinstripes *shiver* and somehow ended up with a whole pile of naked furry boys in a spa, telling tall tales and true and flirting and getting foot massages until the birds started to sing. Woof!

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Anonymous Jay said...

Now i know i only met Fi at Nuz's party, but i saw her at Zoo that nite and she did look hOT in drag :-))))(or should that be he? i dont want to be politically pronoun-ly incorrect)

2:00 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

don't think you'll be in too much trouble for 'she' with monster... unless you want to be *lol*...

and yes, DAMN HOT!


5:16 pm  
Anonymous Jay said...

LOL :-)))

4:01 pm  

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