Friday, October 24, 2008

Did I Mention There Is LOTS OF ART In Perth???

Hybrid performance in Australia

A unique cross-platform event that brings together some of the most innovative and radical hybrid performance practitioners from around the country to debate, demystify and showcase interdisciplinary art as part of a new wave of live art culture in Australia.

'this is the time' at the Artrage Bakery Complex is an evening ofshort performances from artists involved in the symposium. Experience live work from some of Australia's finest experimental performance makers. Don't miss it! See for more details.

this is the record of the time is a two-day symposium hosted by PICA that will explore the key characteristics of hybrid performance including the shifting relationships between audience, site, intervention and collaboration. A screening lounge containing DVDs of live works from participating artists will be open to the public in the week prior to the symposium.

this is the time... this is the record of the time is an initiative of pvi collective as part of their ten year birthday celebrations and aims to bring together creative comrades whose work challenges, inspires and pushes the boundaries of contemporary performance practice.

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