Monday, October 27, 2008

You Should've Left The Light On...

Around 6pm yesterday afternoon I was happily sanding down the front fence, being all butch and handy on a post-Pride parade and party Sunday, when I got a call from the Zoo crew. A performer was ill and they had no show, could I replace?

Fortunately wasn't feeling too sickly from the previous 5am bedtime and dancing and schmoozing, so figured I could manage it, and within two hours, with the most-able assistance of the magnificent Monster, I had music and props arranged and constructed, had rehearsed a couple of times, and was almost ready to go! Here's the bones of the show, with pix available soon:

Sinead O Connor's epic piece, 'Troy'. I have LONG wanted to do a show to this, and know it inside out from many a heartbroken session of howling to it in years gone by.
Outfit: Barefoot. Blue satin jumpsuit, with lace trim, ties at front leaving keyhole opening over tummy. Long blonde curly wig. Whiteface, with various blue shading and shadow, electric glitter lipstick. White cotton knickers. Blue feathers, attached to needles, pierced into tummy, breasts, and just above my pink bits. Dental gag. Plastic heart, pulsing through different coloured light, attached to chest.
Action: Begin on stage, sitting in medical chair, covered with white sheet.
Slowly start to emerge, until standing on stage, looking into audience.
Heart falls off (unintentional!). Hold heart out to audience, move through them, touching them, reaching out, throw heart away...
Back on stage, go to one side to pick up corkboard covered in paper, with outline of voodoo doll on it, cross eyes and big red heart. Show to audience, touch, kiss?, sit it on chair. Kneel before it, 'I'd kill a dragon for you... I will rise, I will return'.
Undo tie on jumpsuit, slowly remove. Stand in front of audience, all feathers and white knickers and dental gag.
Music shifts, start ripping out the feathers, and stabbing them into the doll. Leave the three under my knickers until last, eliciting at least one gasp when revealed.
Wipe blood all over tummy and tits, then use to draw a smile onto the doll.
Lie down on stage, and end covered in sheet.

Think it worked! People seemed to like it, and it FELT good! Perfect end to perfect weekend really, and the dancefloor was going off, and there were flirty bears everywhere, and I cage-danced and was writhing all over the Monster, and there was plenty of free beer for us, and Space played one of the best sets I have heard in Perth-- dirty, dark, music to sweat and play and crawl about to, and I was on the most tremendous buzz from the endorphin rush of blood performance and... well... it was a beautiful thing!

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Anonymous Tam said...

I love that you can a show like that out of your arse on two hours notice :)

You're ace! And it sounds like it was fabulous!!

9:23 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

why thankyou! pix up on facebook now... look for zoo club perth page and there they are! xx

10:39 pm  
Anonymous Jay said...


and your blog made me miss it even more *sulking*

wish i'd seen the show :-)))

1:20 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

ah, wish you had seen the show too-- it was HOT! no need to howl though... maybe i can come on tour to darwin? haven't ever been that far north, and am mighty curious :)

1:32 pm  
Anonymous Jay said...

maybe you could! leave it until the weather is better - dry season april to sept is good - then the darwin festival is on too and that is very very fun - there is also a darwin writers festival etc etc etc

5:03 pm  

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