Monday, October 27, 2008

You, Blush? No!

It seems that some people out there think I am immune to blushing, even when I am being paid attention by some exquisite creature. And getting all flustered if they look at me across the dancefloor or offer me a drink, or if they stand just that little bit closer than casually, or brush against me as they pass, or whisper sweet obscenities in my ear... I get tongue-tied, all a-quiver, can't think straight and tend to just babble inanely if not clammed up entirely. And I love it.

Its been happening a lot lately. Usually its all about the Monster-- when she gives me THAT look, or I just know she is watching me dance or walk or eat or do anything at all. The Pride Party was deliciously nerve-wracking, not only being flirted with by amazing creatures, wibbly-mmaking in its own right, but knowing that it was all being observed by her... *shiver*...

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Anonymous Jay said...

HAHA yes it's your exterior - i too can carry off super coolness (allegedly) until ppl know me - then it's all over

1:22 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

oh, i don't think i come across as cool for even a second!

i mean, i just go BLANK and sometimes babble or blush or run away-- how cool is THAT???

1:28 pm  
Anonymous Jay said...

LOl well that's just endearing! ppl might just mistake it for flightiness or craziness.. LOL.. really i don't know where i'm going with this, just making a comment that the exterior is not necessarily reflective of the interior :-))


a tall blushing dyke

5:00 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

heehee, endearing in an 'aww shucks, shuffle about and look at shoes' kind of awkward teenage boy way i guess...

and indeed, there may not even BE an interior and an exterior, when you think of it! DOWN WITH DICHOTOMIES!


a small blushing bear

5:05 pm  
Anonymous Jay said...

yay for multichotomies!!

or something


3:31 pm  

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