Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rant Of The Day

I have a filthy headache, and am coming down with something nasty it seems, and am all sneezy and sinus-y and... well, here's a rant:

I HATE it when people will not communicate. Point in case: trying to organising a present for mate's birthday. Its something she really wants, and we have discussed. And so, when trying to organise it, she disappears for a couple of days. Doesn't answer phone, or reply online. Then when she DOES reply, gets all narky, and doesn't tell us what we need to know anyway. I'm sorry, but since when is it to ANYONE'S benefit to be obtuse and obstructive? And when people are actually HELPING YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT, well, what is the point in being difficult and short-tempered? This is not the first time this has happened recently, with different people, and it all strikes me as a little silly!

Its like those awful website where you can't find the price of a product, or check a fare, without signing up or at least entering a whole pile of details. Do these companies NOT want business? Why not just make it user-friendly?

Be nice, co-operate, then everyone can have easier lives. Simple.



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