Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Academic Business

Just had a short chat to my supervisor-- and she thinks my writing is fabulous. Structure is another point entirely, as always, but at least she is happy with the matter,if not the form. Seems to be a recurring theme in my various practices...

Question for the geeks though: how does one find the THESIS? I mean, I have written a LOT of words, and done a lot of research, but not sure where to find the POINT. I didn't start with a question as such-- maybe I should work out what the question is and I will find the crux of the matter?

Oh, and I just received a book on milk in art/photography from MIT (Milk and Melancholy). Not about boob-juice as such, but reckon it might have some interesting ideas and theories anyway. And its an aesthetically pleasing object. Books are a source of torment, but also sublime joy!



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