Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Maybe its the end of renovations. Maybe its the heat. Maybe its the promise of soon rolling about in Sydney soon. Maybe its the smell of paint and cleaning products. Maybe its hormonal. Whatever the cause, I am friskier than usual these last few days.

In a constant state of alert, making eye contact with strangers in the street, imagining pervy Perth possibilities, wondering who, what, how I can hunt, procure, entice, devour (or be devoured). All organs erect, flushed skin and frantic heart, lips licking lips locking, mucous membranes melting, all senses hyper-aware, of scents, sounds, sights-- traces of aftershave in the mall, sounds of breathing in the elevator, the knot of a tie around an unshaven throat.



Anonymous UrbanRevolutionary said...

*scratches the stubble under his tie - when did you last see me in corporate uniform? ;)

6:43 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

strangely, it wasn't YOU i was thinking of! though now you mention it, you do have an awful lot of ties, and stubble... mmm, beard rash... tread carefully young man-- you don't know what i am capable of!

6:45 pm  
Anonymous UrbanRevolutionary said...

actually i think i do.. what was that about dragging me into the bushes?

maybe i should come do a weight training session in my business trousers and shirt, tie loosened, buttons undone and the whole ensemble slightly askew as i work up a sweat..

12:11 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

oh i don't remember-- something about not needing to drag you?

and i thought the idea was that i would be doing the weights under your supervision? that said, i don't even own a business shirt, or trousers, so perhaps its best that i just 'observe'...

note to self: buy more smelling salts.

4:05 pm  
Anonymous UrbanRevolutionary. said...

well yes. i will be supervising.
but first i'll have to demonstrate.

4:15 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

even IF my home-made smelling salts should revive me from my swoon, i doubt that i'd be capable of such exertions after such going-on...

although i could just practice lying on the bench for the first lesson. its like a starfish, isn't it?

4:19 pm  

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