Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tools For Actions

A very cute collection of public actions/guerilla art initiatives and whatnot can be found at CCA Action, organised by tool. For example:

'Bristol Food for Free is an online database of edible plants in Bristol. The website generates a map of any of the 113 species identified by its authors. Plants rooted in private lots are included if they branch into public space. The website also contains photo-documentation of potential planting sites selected for suitability. Bristol Food for Free allows inexperienced foragers to find fresh fruits and vegetables quickly and safely. Kayle Brandon and Heath Bunting are part of, an international network for information and materials for the displaced and roaming. supports non-corporate art and engineering work.'


'Pants fitted with high-tension cords, metal clips, and a reinforced seat, the Flee Suspend Pants can be attached to almost any surface, transforming it into a space for people to swing. Wearers are equipped to modify any space they enter just by untying the suspenders and attaching them to the reinforced seat. The design supports up to 91 kg of weight, so there is no age restriction for swinging on the Flee Suspend Pants.'

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Anonymous Bec said...

I want this swing thing! (so long as I can adapt it to go under a skirt) There just aren't enough swings in the world ...

10:42 pm  

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