Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Went to see Camille O'Sullivan last night, with the Monster. It confirmed that I do like champagne in outdoor settings very much, I love the vibe of most art festivals, I miss the Studio (Sydney, provider of much short, cheap, queer and outrageous entertainment) like crazy and I am, and I still find this unusual, finding long haired women with cleavage and a certain smutty attitude very appealing. Think it began again with Julia on Rock Kwiz-- thanks Madame P! Make them flirty, funny, slightly disheveled, and with that particular glint in their eyes and I am gone...

Unfortunately the few people I have actually known over the years who fulfilled that criteria were quite mad in very dangerous ways. Surely there must be a mostly-stable-femme-fatale category?

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Anonymous UrbanRevolutionary said...

There is yes.
I has her. ;)

12:10 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

indeed you do :)

not sure that i could handle one full-time though-- i'm not NEARLY butch enough! more just the odd snog after too much champagne and a quickie in their hotel room kind of fantasy...

2:37 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

actually, my old editor was one. she caned me once and i think i may have cried-- damn femmes can give a mighty hard whack!

2:42 pm  
Anonymous UrbanRevolutionary said...

heh. yes. they can have a VERY nasty, sadistic little streak in there..

5:49 pm  
Anonymous Jay said...

urbanrevolutionary i think you do have one indeed :-)) i had one too long ago - she was very wicked. it got tedious tho, being so wicked all the time LOLOL

1:18 pm  

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