Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ghetto Grotto

Apologies for not updating y'all on my whys and wherefores of late-- has been a busy old time! We head back East this coming Sunday, and have found ourselves the lovely Grotto in the Ghetto. 'Tis nice and central, affordable, we move in next Tuesday with the Tempest (the kitty we be keeping) and should have stuff out of storage shortly thereafter. Fingers crossed it all keeps going so smoothly...

It will be good to be back 'home' for the most part. Miss my family a lot, and my close mates, and my supervisor and my library. And the harbour, my fave dumplings, queer clubs and culture, markets (not very many over here), that kind of thing. I miss sitting in Varga Bar talking Kristeva and performance, I miss wandering through the Gardens after a trip to the gallery, I miss my strange menagerie of artists, activists, poets, writers, perverts and dress-up partners. I need to be back in a world of salons and theatre and magic and wonder! Perth is ever-so pragmatic and I miss the mysteries of my hometown-mistress, its the whitewashed anglican antithesis to my decadent catholic tastes...

Having some hard thinking time about some Sydney-ness though. Being away from the 'scene' has given me space to ponder what I value and what is actually really damaging to me, and reassess the communities and habits I have just fallen into because they seemed to be what fitted best (even though they are often quite unhealthy). Sod that. Have an inkling the secret may be in quality over quantity, but its such a tricky balance I expect. Hmm.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Zoo... you make my heart ache for SINcity in all her autumn beauty. This morning I lay in bed in London-town, the fresh spring air blowing daffodils through the window and I dream. I dream of glittering harbour lights, of crunchy leaves in Hyde Park, of cosying it up on the rugged cushions of the Old Fish Shop, of trawling through Glebe markets eating gozleme, of rooftop beer gardens hazy in their twilight glow...

From my gray and drizzling magnificent London-town, I want to be inspired by your journey. I want to live through your words as you adventure back in SINcity and all her glorious offerings.


6:46 pm  

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