Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Neither Stone Nor Wing

In another world in another time, I would have grown up neither boy nor girl, but something entirely different. In English there are no words. All the language we have created-- transgender, transsexual, drag queen, drag king, stone butch, high femme, nellie, fairy, bulldyke, he-she, FTM, MTF-- places us in relationship to masculine or feminine, between the two, combining the two, moving from one to the other. I yearn for an image to describe my gendered self, not the shadow land of neither boy nor girl, a suspension bridge tethered between negatives. Rather I want a solid ground with bedrock of its own, wish for language to take me to a brand new place neither masculine nor feminine, day nor night, muscle nor bone, stone nor wing.
Eli Clare
'Neither Stone Nor Wing'
in From The Inside Out: Radical Gender Transformation, FTM and Beyond
edited by Morty Diamond

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Blogger mayhem said...

Hey zoo

eli's exquisite writing is a great latest post by which to send yer blog round to the waiting fans.

stunning stunning moving writing. Gristley, prickly, punchy glidey slipery and very moving.....

well done and keeep on trucking

cheesed I missed your goolies

1:24 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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