Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jake The Rake returns

"Possibly the Internet's only webcomic about polyamorous bisexuals!"

Jake The Rake is probably my all-time favourite comic strip. And he is back online. Check out Identity Crisis, and then peruse the rest of the collection. There used to be a 'Which Jake The Rake Character Are You' quiz, which invariably led to me being Melissa. Still pretty much sums it up, but I do more hunting these days:

Melissa isn't interested in labels, she's interested in cool kinky sex with cute people. When asked if she meant men and women, she replied "Amongst others". She's the hunted, not the hunter but always manages to arrange to be chased by the right person.


Blogger whoretic said...

I'm always Kara - but I'm so not organised. I love Jake the Rake too!

11:12 am  

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