Friday, October 27, 2006

Reclaim The Night/ Kooky/Clowns/Skit For Tat

Tonights the night to reclaim...

Reclaim The Night
6pm, Town Hall, Sydney
Probably with the whores :)

Home for dinner and dress-ups then head to Kooky, late. Most likely head in on the last-ish train (get there around 12:30-1am). Need to be there when it closes, for reasons best left to be your filthy imaginations, so don't want to get there too early. Besides, the music is never really that good until late these days it seems.

And, of course, its Hunter's Birthday Clown Attack at the Sly tomorrow night from 5pm.

Last night's Skit for Tat was brilliant! First up, a fabulous play based on email correspondance between an Aussie girl and one from the Gaza strip, then the cutest dragged-up king singing the sweetest songs, Norrie performing rollicking versions of Stand By Your Gender and the Cunt song, my dear self reading out some Lacto Oddness (couldn't bring myself to lactate on stage, though did squirt the audience afterwards), a discussion of trans and intersex issues by Jenz and Norrie, and finally a duo performing stuff on keyboard and guitar. Really nice selection of people, caught up with some folk I hadn't seen for a while, and very nice to be curled up against GC's leg while we watched the shows, exchanging snuggles and pats...

Feeling very affectionate towards the GC. She's charming, considerate, generous, appreciates a corset, is much red-hanky fun and has one of the finest collections of cocks I have ever seen (and knows exactly what to do with them). But the Gentleman Caller must remain just that, at least for the time being. It is Zoo's Summer of Stepping Out after all.


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