Friday, October 27, 2006

Everything Old Is New Again

My last three SomeOnes came from this pub. One was leaned against a wall in a spiky chain collar and pinstrip suit like she owned the joint. One works behind the bar and got me drinking Coopers again. One lives upstairs and finally I got to see the view from up there. Maybe I should get out more...

Same pool table with same lean. Same toilets that require some expertise to flush. Same takeway from down the road. Same beer poured from the same taps into the same glasses to the same mouths. Same people exchanging the same jokes. Same mates reading the same gay press and planning the same parties. Same scrag fights out on the street on a Wednesday night.

In the corner the same boy sits in the same chair eating the same food with the new girl. In the opposite corner the same me sits in the same chair stubbing out the same cigarettes in the same ashtrays with the new butch.


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