Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Boys Who Perform

I know I have mentioned this before, and my blog sometimes runs the risk of becoming a Queer Community NoticeBoard, but seems that the QueerCentral crew at The Sly Fox are still looking for performers for Wednesday nights. Particularly boys. So if you be a male hula hooper, go go dancer, burlesque beauty, vaudevillian vamp, twisted ventriloquist, disco dolly, drag hag, cabaret queen, lipsync-ing lad or have some other performance 'talent' you would like to share with an adoring queer audience then get in touch with them. NOW! Actually, its Wednesday today, so... what are you waiting for? Get down there tonight, check it out, have a beer or two, chat up the bar staff, pick up some trade (trust me, its almost impossible not to) and talk to the Booking Boy about signing up to entertain the masses.


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