Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pass the Maple Syrup, Dr Zoo

Nice program at Univeristy of Toronto:
Sex ed gets a lot sexier at Canadian University

'The program includes a drama course called "Sexual Performance: Case Studies in S/M (sadomasochism)" and the arts and literature course "Queerly Canadian," for which one student wrote an in-depth review of a male strip show. But it also focuses on traditional academic discussion -- from Plato to same-sex marriage, with courses like "Theories of Sexuality" and "Sexual Diversity Politics."'

Reckon this is where I should be headed. Surely they need someone, ie me, to run a Sexuality of Reproduction course, featuring all the pervy bits of birth, lactation and all that follows the old in-out. Birthgasm anyone?

(And I quite like Canadians, not only do they blitz the Beer Olympics much of the time but there be a certain Ms Toronto and Ms Ottowa that made my time in Sweden very pleasant indeed. )


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