Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Stuck By The Muse

Such a frenzy of blogging today! Notices, musings, links.. hopefully this means my brain is back and working somewhat after a very naughty weekend. Lady Zoo does not often partake of lollies these days (must be how she maintains such a trim figure *g*) but decided that it might be a nice idea to have (just) one again. Yummy! Especially when combined with the GC, two bottles of champagne and many new toys to play with. Then floating down to a beautiful sunny afternoon on the rooftop of the Zanzi with GC and a couple of boy-friends, stuffing ourselves stupid on haloumi with maple syrup, chilli calamari, kebabs for the carnivores, prawns, dips, turkish bread, olives and hair-of-the-dog beverages before a pre-dinner nap. Sweet.

Still waiting to be struck by the Muse in regards to Thursday night's ten minutes of something at Lan Franchis. Have some pervy bits of lacto-writing to read, but not sure that this is enough. Need to make them into some sort of cohesive 'piece'. Hmmm... would like to incorporate my own milk in there somewhere, but not sure how. Don't express enough in ten minutes to do anything with really, and it doesn't spray far enough to squirt the audience. Any ideas? And yes, Whoretic, there will most likely be Bataille ;)


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