Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend Frolicking

(Grr, I had just written this all up when Blogger decided to crash and eat my post. So, here goes again...)

Friday night started off with Reclaim the Night. Caught up with the Buxom Wench and her childling, then marched with Whoretic and the rest of the Scarlet Alliance troupe. Walking and dancing through the streets with a bunch of whistling, chanting, drumming, hollering, defiant women was a fabulous way to start the weekend!

Then came home for dinner and a costume change. Headed to Kooky late, getting there around 1am. Was hardly any of the usual crew I know there, but ran into a great girl from Uni and a few other randoms so had dancing buddies for most of the night. Then danced on my own, and loitered about waiting for a certain rude boy (the one from last Thursday) to finish work so I could follow him home. Spent Saturday morning rolling about with him, dozing, chatting, watching Will and Grace on cable, smoking, and having a rough-and-tumble dirty old time.

Headed home via chores early-arvo, did some washing and dyed my hair and showered and set about creating a sort of demented hybrid clown/doll outfit for Hunter's birthday bash- tutu, fishnets, black and white wig with wired plaits, clown makeup and a red foam nose. Turned up to Sly with extra noses, made various people wear them so I could photograph a whole clown series. Got slightly drunken, flirted about with Whoretic and the Buxom Wench, and smooched with the GC. Somehow decided that it would be a good idea to head in to Trick or Treat at the Flinders (ditched the tutu in favour of just my new frilly knickers- much more practical for a crowded dance party). May have been a better idea to just head back to the GC's while we still had some of our faculties left, but, well, is easy to have 20/20 hindsight! Was a nice enough soiree, good music, lots of sexy folk to frolic with. Danced a bit, chatted a bit, and breastfed the GC at the bar before deciding enough was enough and jumping in a cab back to GC's for some mindblowingly intense flogging and fornicating. I may not want to play Femme all the time, but there is something about being thrown down and shagged senseless by a big butch that makes me just dissolve into a puddle... much of the time. Sometimes I have a very naughty toppy side that emerges andmakes me wantto turn the whole scene into take-dwon though *wink*.

Woke up saddlesore and seedy, and couldn't drag ourselves out of bed (for more reasons than one) until mid-arvo. Convinced GC that we needed to leave the ghetto* and go get some sunshine and food near the Harbour. Jumped on a bus to the Quay, watched a very small violinist play for small change, and another busker fold herself into a 16inch box, before running along to Costi's and gorging ourselves silly on seafood. A fishburger each, calamari, prawn skewers, chippies, salad... very satisfying. Wandered about the markets for a bit, then it got too chilly to stay out without jackets so toddled back to GC's for more lusty liasing and a early evening nap. Then GC headed downstairs for a drink with a mate, and I got picked up by Schwee to go see my singing-songwriting cousin play an acoustic set in Newtown. He was bloody good, and all in all it was a very nice chilled way to finish off the weekend.

But now it is Monday, and I must start getting some serious writing done for these conferences. And put together a couple more abstracts too. Wish me luck!

*Sometimes my whole world is bounded by my house, the Sly, Newtown station and Broadway. It gets claustrophobic. I need to see the ocean...


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