Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Suspension of Belief

Saturday night was L'Erotica party at The Forum (Fox), and I was asked by the Queen of Organising The Shows, if I wanted to do a show with Lukas Zpira and his wife, Satomi. Yes please Mummy Laura!

Setting: Stage with giant metal rigging/pulley contraption. I come out on carrying gorgeous hemp ropes. Kneel down. Satomi, aka Tokyo Love Doll, follows me. Takes ropes, starts to slowly tie my hands behind my back, then makes a harness on the top half of my body. Stands me up and leads me to the side of the stage. Lukas walks on, harness around his chest and four hooks in the flesh of his back. Satomi attaches these hooks to the frame, and Lukas is slowly lifted into the air. Then I am lead over and somehow, not sure how exactly (pretty spacey by this stage), and one leg is tied up to my back and then I attached to ropes coming from L's harness and suspended beneath him in a kind of hog-tie position. S swings us, and we are just flying about the stage! By this stage Zoo is extremely blissed out, totally gone... Finally, S climbs on top of me, so that there are three of us suspended from the flesh in L's back. Spectacular!

Looking down from the stage and seeing so many of my friends grinning at me or just watching the whole process with a look of total awe was a real treat too. Thanks to the GC and NattieTheFlattie and Unwanted Faerie in particular :)

All of this has made me wonder what I am doing in The Academy somehow. Feel like I ought to be somewhere else, something else maybe? I want to be the one hanging from hooks for a living! Hmmm... having one of those days of wanting to run away and join the circus. Learn to breathe fire and spend my life covered in glitter and greasepaint, inked and modified, forever on flights of fancy.


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