Thursday, January 04, 2007

Graf Life

Here's a story from the Voice for those of you interested in street art. Graf Life tells the tale of 11 Spring St, a building which, 'originally designed in the 1880s to house carriages and their horses, had for many years appeared abandoned, except at night, when its windows mysteriously displayed candle-like lights. There were rumors of an eccentric inventor, of ghosts, of David Bowie. The exterior, never cleaned, gradually became a kind of wailing wall, a requisite stop not only for graffiti writers but also for a burgeoning number of street artists, a group that steadfastly shuns the gallery system. By the mid '90s, figures, faces, letters, cartoons, stickers, wheat-pasted posters, and even attached sculpture formed a wild patchwork mural that would literally change each nigh, a strange and colorful irreverence that established the Candle Building (as it had come to be known) as an internationally-known landmark.'


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