Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sly Christmas

Had an absolutely joyous evening at the Sly last night. Highlights included:
* Present-swapping. 'Specially when Ali ran about in not much but the Battenberg-lace trimmed apron I'd given her and the cute matching bra and knickers she had receieved from a certain Gaylourde. And I was pleased that Whoretic took up my suggestion of feeding the pink-stiletto shaped shortbread biscuit I gave her to The Redhead- from her cleavage. R gifted me a fabulously kitschy 70s copy of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, and I am still trying to figure out in which holes to hang the extremely cute red dice earrings I found taped inside my card from Ali. At some point I ended up wearing a pair of clip-on plastic bear earrings too, though one of them had returned to the wild by the end of the evening.
* Perving at the Gentleman Caller working behind the bar.
* Boots polished and licked by Hunter. What more can I say? We all know how delirious it makes me! For the rest of the night came up and held his paw to my face so I could smell the polish... swoon...
* Ooooh, Hunter also tightened my cincher. Considerably. Think at some point a particular Princess may have given it an extra help too. Don't think I'd been that tightly laced since The Lost Boy last did it- it was pulled so far in that I actually had somebody ask me how long I had been waist-training *g*. Must confess to being a tad sore today, but it was worth it.
* Hanging out and swapping ideas and making plans with some brilliant bod-mod artists. Think the Piercing Princess will be bringing a whole pile of pointy things up to Tropical Fruits, which could be a lot of fun. When I last saw her she was scrawling a list of gauges on her arm in biro so she could remember what to pack, including 6. 6??? Geez, the thought of it makes me all melty, if a little bit scared... And the brilliant creature that A Certain Boy introduced me to the other night turned up too. This rather exciting individual has had two operations to sculpt his body (and kept some of his own bio-matter to make art out of), loves scars, has just done an MA on extreme body modification stuff, and is, it seems, enthralled with the idea of doing something with me and my lactation work. I may be getting a bit carried away, but this could be just the push I need to start producing work that is more... ummm... more... Honest? Passionate? Inspired? At this point I'm not sure where meeting this guy could lead, but it has certainly got me thinking again about the fact that I can be seriously half-arsed about my work at times, and not afford it the time and effort and discipline it needs to be really special. Sometimes I am only too willing to settle for what is 'good enough' instead of striving for the utterly amazing (hmm, think there is a New Year's Resolution in that).

All in all, it was a very pleasant evening full of lovely interactions. And now the squishy hangover fuzziness is engulfing me... yawn... spent most of the day lazing around in bed with GC, reading and snuggling and dozing on and off, but am still very sleepy and vague (explains the rambling nature of this post I guess). G'nite all.


Blogger whoretic said...

Actually, very few people I wasn't feeding from my cleavage. Unlike your good self, I can't breastfeed, so have to improvise when fulfilling mummy fantasies.

3:10 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

Perhaps I should have offered milk to go with the cookie?

3:14 pm  
Blogger whoretic said...

Oh! Yes that would've been perfect!

4:12 pm  
Anonymous Hunter said...

A pleasure to do your boots as always gorgeous.
Hope you had a great thingy thingy.

11:10 am  

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