Friday, December 15, 2006

Velvet 2007- Seeking Performers

ACON's queer girlie fundraiser, Velvet, is seeking performers. Friday 9th Feb 2007 at The Factory Theatre in Enmore. DJs Sveta and Beaker.

Looking for roving performances, installations, podium pieces, whatever you've got really. From what I can tell it attracts quite a mixed bag of ladies, lassies and lushes, so probably best to go with more of a quirky/kooky/burlesque/drag/circus/comedy/cheeky style of show than kinky/bloody/blasphemous/perverse/rude bits. Hmmm, this means most of my ideas are out then! Will have to try to cook up something more nice than naughty*...

If you be keen to participate, or just plain curious about the event, please contact the organiser/promoter, Jen Rudland by email at

* And don't forget to be at Hellfire by 10:30 tonight to see my Christmas show. Rumour has it that there be some pressies given away, and as usual you get to watch me squirm while ouchy things happen to me.


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